The 1879 Group

Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift.

1879 Group Patrons:

∙ His Excellency Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezei (Deceased)

∙ Mr Glyn Baker

∙ Mrs Nora Bunting

1879 Group Officers:

The current Officers of The 1879 Group are:

∙ Honorary Life President: Mr Douglas Bourne

∙ Honorary Colonel: Colonel T J Van Rees MBE

∙ Chairman: Mr Jimmy Reynolds

∙ Secretary: Mr Danny Tully

∙ Events Co-ordinator: Mr Robert Coates

∙ Group Armourer: Mr Richard Cartwright

∙ Treasurer: Mr Glynne Davies

∙ Membership Secretary: Ms Vivien Watkins

∙ Adjutant: Mr Duncan McDonald

∙ Assegai Editor Mr Bill Howells

1879 Group Committee Members:

The current 1879 Group Committee Members are:

∙ Mr Jimmy Reynolds
∙ Mr Danny Tully
∙ Mr Robert Coates
∙ Mr Glynne Davies
∙ Ms Vivien Watkins
∙ Mr Roger Morgan
∙ Mr Duncan McDonald
∙ Mr Jimmy Patterson
∙ Mr Richard Cartwright
∙ Mr Kevin Cartwright
∙ Mr Bill Howells

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