The 1879 Group

Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift.

Uniform of the Victorian Soldier of 1879

Full Kit

• Tunic
There are two types of tunic. The most common (and the one you will need) is the 5 button scarlet serge frock, with General Service buttons. The other is the tight cut 7 button home service tunic, piped white down the front.

• 1871 Valise - Buff leather.
This kit comprises of support straps or braces, waist belt with appropriate buckle, two ammunition pouches, bayonet frog and black leather expense pouch. Other items such as a mess tin and blanket can be added.

• Helmet - Round peaked version.
These were stained light brown whilst in the field. The 1869-78 pattern Shako plate was virtually never worn but you are required to have one for parade duty.

• Water Bottle
Oliver or 'Italian' patterns, with buff leather strap.

• Haversack
Commonly known as the 'bread bag' it contains personal effects.

• Martini Henry Rifle.
The rifles used during the war were the Mk 1 and Mk 2 varieties. The Mk 3 is post-1879 but virtually identical, so also acceptable.

• Bayonet
You can choose either the 16.9" 1853 'bushed' socket bayonet or the more fearsome 21.75" 1876 socket bayonet, more affectionately known to the troops as the 'lunger'.

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